Purpose of Climate Connection foundation

To accelerate the climate change awareness of causes & impact, justice, and solutions. Drive opportunities and climate action

Urgency of climate awareness & action in Africa

  • With nearly 20% of the world’s population today, Africa accounts for less than 3% of the world’s energy‐related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to date and has the lowest emissions per capita of any region.
  • Africa is suffering disproportionately from climate change, a topic raised in Climate Justice efforts.
  • Africa has an estimated 40% of the world’s renewable energy resources, and only 2% ($60 billion) of US$3 trillion renewable energy investments in the last decade have come to Africa.
  • 43% of its total population (600 million people) still lack access to electricity, most of them in sub‐Saharan Africa.
  • The conservation, rehabilitation and climate-informed management of biodiversity and ecosystems increases will advance progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Due to the information and awareness gap, Climate Education is considered one of the key solutions to accelarate Climate Action for mitigation and adaptation.